Catimini SS-2012 Children’s Clothing Collection

The season of Spring-Summer 2012 will be the time of Catimini’s anniversary. Its collection includes all the images that have inspired the creators of Catimini models during all these years.

Catimini took patronage over a pregnant elephant, and the elephant is a symbol of Catimini this year. The collection is rich with new prints. Catimini models are characterized by unusual characters telling a lyrical story. In the Catimini garden, little funny creatures play hide and seek with a variety of flowers.

Crocheted butterflies, large and as if carved or embroidered flowers fill you with romantic overtones, sunny and bright as the Hawaiian summer!

Hawaiian prints are mixed with stripes and invite us to travel to tropical countries. The saturated colors of this warm theme invite us to Bali to enjoy a great tour.