8 Tips on How to Choose Shoes During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman should take care of her entire body, and it won’t do to forget that the feet require just as much attention and consideration as everything else! The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons reports that pregnancy may cause your feet to grow about half a size or even more – so the footwear you used before begin to pinch. Besides, with that extra weight the future mom’s growing, she needs better support.


  1. Go shopping to get yourself a really comfortable pair of shoes? Choose roomy ones to suit your new size (which will be permanent) – better still, athletic ones that are more equipped to provide support. Also, the ACFAS urges to use an arch support to further help your feet, and special stockings designed to minimize swelling.
  2. Like boots? You don’t have to wait for cold weather to wear them, for you may need sturdier footwear. Mind that you get ones without high heels. Soft and flat ones will serve you well.
  3. Warm season? Why not get a pair of flat sandals that will let your feet breathe and give your toes more freedom. They will always go well with shorts, or you may think of some cute additions to spruce them up a bit.
  4. Need more support? Steer clear of pumps, however low-heeled, and purchase loafers with stacked heels.
  5. What about your ankles? Flat shoes are naturally suitable in pregnancy, but be sure they provide enough ankle support. If not, your best bet are those that don’t let your feet just slip out of them easily.
  6. What kind of sole do your shoes have? It’s not enough to buy shock absorbers, because they mostly protect you from knees up. If you want everyday footwear, look for suede and leather shoes with rubber soles, preferably athletic kind.
  7. Checked for an easy slip-on? Never neglect that, because your feet may keep swelling, and you will have problems with lacing and tying.
  8. Easily tempted? This is the wrong time for that! As you get on, you will be appreciating comfortable shoes more and more over those glamorous four-inchers your heart went out to. Keep it firmly in mind that you are pregnant, and that makes all the difference!