Kim Kardashian’s 8 Bad Tips on What Not to Wear during Pregnancy

Despite the presence of a large army of stylists and her beloved Kanye West, who is successfully working as a designer, Kim Kardashian continues to arouse bewilderment with her clothes.


Over and over again, we consider her pictures and try to find the reason for her fashion confusion. Neither her usual curvaceous forms, nor pregnancy seem to be a convincing justification for these fashion sins.

However, a bad example is but another example. Kim surely can publish her own collection of “bad tips” for pregnant women of fashion: she could tell how one should not be dressed like, when being in a family way, and provide illustrations – her own photographs.

1. Wear Black Leather Leggins

Wear leather leggings instead of tights.


2. Wearing White Maternity Clothes Only

A white trouser suit with fluffy ruffles and huge draperies suit can be very useful, especially if you have a split personality and sometimes feel “another Mary J. Blige.”


3. Pay Other’s Attention to Your Pregnant Belly

Choose a dress in the Greek style with drapes on the belly, focusing other’s attention on the rounded shape of your pregnant belly.


4. Wear Skinny Clothes

Remember that a sense of comfort for pregnant women is nothing, while tight-fitting styles mean everything!


5. Strive for the Hourglass Look even during Pregnancy

Despite the growing tummy, the “hourglass” silhouette is your main goal and task. Therefore, you continue selecting high-waist items and decorate your waistline with Basques.


6. Wear High Heels when Pregnant

High heels are pregnant girls’ best friends. The higher the heel, the better you feel, of course.


7. Pencil Skirts as Maternity Fashion

Another best friend of pregnant girls is a pencil skirt (remember: comfort is nothing!).


8. Never Wear Warm Clothes, even in Winter

No way should you try to protect the body from cold. While others wear warm boots and coats with fur collars, select shoes and wear them on a bare foot… well, let it be – you are allowed to take a muff!