Maternity Swimwear – What to Look For

Being pregnant does not mean you cannot enjoy a day by the pool or at beach; especially now that maternity fashion does not mean wearing a tent or hiding behind a shapeless smock. Modern maternity swimwear, as with modern maternity clothing in general, is a reflection of taste and personality.

Pregnant woman in a Swimsuit

Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

Of course, no matter what your style, the maternity swimwear you select needs to have a few key elements to ensure that your day at the pool or beach is an enjoyable one.

It needs to be comfortable

As with all maternity clothes, comfort in your maternity swimwear is essential. Your body is undergoing a huge number of changes and some of them are not exactly comfortable. The last thing you need is to buy ill-fitting clothing that only adds to the discomfort. You should be looking for swimwear that feels effortless when being worn, easy to get on, stays put when you move and fits your shape, while still allowing you to move freely without binding.

Support in all the right places is essential

In addition to being comfortable, you will want to look for something with plenty of support. Swollen breasts and a swelling belly must not just be accommodated, but also supported. This is where buying purpose designed maternity swimwear becomes essential. Of course, you could buy a regular suit and adapt it to fit, but maternity swimsuits feature stronger panelling, extra wiring and fabric designed specifically to stretch and support the pregnant shape.

Be sure to select the correct size

Another important factor is getting the right size. So many women operate under the belief that their pregnant size is bigger than their actual size, but this is simply not true when buying properly designed maternity wear. If you are a size 12 when you are not pregnant, then you will more than likely wear a size 12 in a maternity swimsuit. The suit is designed to factor in the areas where you have grown, without sacrificing fit and shape in those areas where you have not.

Look good – feel good

Of course, one of the most important elements to feeling great in a maternity bathing costume is the style; a suit you love the look of will make you more comfortable when you are wearing it. Fortunately, today’s maternity swimwear covers a variety of styles; from the traditional one-piece to the tankini and even the maternity bikini, you can cover as much or as little flesh as you please; it is really up to you.

A few tips

If you are feeling self-conscious about your new size and shape, go for a darker colour suit to help create the illusion of a slimmer frame. On the other hand, if you are feeling confident about your new body, consider a maternity bikini to get that necessary extra support while showing off your baby bump. To help with bust support, select a suit with wider straps and avoid strapless and thinly strapped suits. To draw attention away from your hips, consider a halter topped style or a swimsuit with detail around the cleavage area.