Most Useless Purchases of Expecting Women

Modern manufacturing companies spend huge sums of money on developing marketing campaigns to promote their products. It is very difficult to resist the onslaught of professional advertising. This is especially true of young inexperienced parents or pregnant women, who tend to worry about many things when it comes to the health of mother and baby. Today, we will talk about how to learn to protect yourself and your family from purchasing unnecessary things.


The first pregnancy is not only a great time for relaxing, expecting, happiness and colorful dreams; it is also fear, excitement, anxiety, emotional and quite serious physical discomfort experienced by an expectant mother. Pregnant women have frequent mood swings and caprices; they have a desire for something exotic and unusual. It is not only the favorite topic for jokes, but the harsh reality, which is caused by hormonal changes in the female body. By the way, young husbands yield to the influence of a pregnant wife very often, and sometimes agree to any purchase just to please their beloved.

Of course, subsequent pregnancies take place according to the same scenario, yet experienced parents are much more rational in their approach to planning the family budget, and thus are protected from ill-considered purchases. We offer a small overview of some popular products for pregnant women.

Pregnancy Magazines


Today, the answer to any question can be quickly found on the Internet completely free of charge. There are many sites, thematic forums, communities, where pregnant women can find information, communicate with each other and share experiences. Modern “glossy” magazines are full of advertising; there is a very meager amount of useful information, and they cost a lot. It is much easier and more convenient to save interesting materials as bookmarks in the tablet, e-book or a computer than to collect piles of paper at home. Of course, this does not apply to literature, whether modern or classic fiction – reading during pregnancy develops, soothes, helps bring thoughts in order and contributes to a better state of health of the future mother.

Vitamins for pregnant and lactating

The unknown is always scary, and a pregnant woman is most worried about whether the fetus is developing properly, if it does not lack anything. This worrying is misused by many manufacturers of dietary supplements, miraculous drinks and special vitamin-mineral complexes, which fill the shelves of pharmacies.

Of course, the need for micronutrients increases during pregnancy, but do not immediately run to the pharmacy. First of all, you should consult with the physician who monitors your pregnancy and take vitamins during pregnancy only if you are prescribed them. Be careful and selective: the most advertised and newfangled product may happen to be completely identical to conventional and inexpensive multivitamin complexes.

The best medicine for pregnant women includes a proper diet, fresh air, and healthy sleep!

Butter and cream against stretch marks

700-cream-beauty-cosmetics-face-makeup– I learned about stretch marks during the first pregnancy, when I was a young skinny girl of twenty. From the middle stage of pregnancy on, after reading frightening articles in magazines, I started to use an expensive cream for stretch marks, created by a well-known brand. Delicate texture, pleasant fragrance – I rubbed this wonderful cream over the entire abdomen 2 times a day. During the 28th week of pregnancy I suddenly discovered large and bright stripes, first in the lower part of abdomen and then over its entire surface. Of course, I continued to use the cream, even bought something else and alternated the two products hoping that the hated stripes would disappear… But – alas, my efforts have not been successful.

– After a while, I found out that the reason for it was the lack of collagen. And it is impossible to get collagen from the outside; it is the body itself that should produce it. Doctors unanimously repeat that the appearance of stretch marks is prevented by sports or any other intense physical activities, which stimulate the production of collagen. To nourish and moisturize the skin of the abdomen, it is quite suitable to use conventional baby cream or just cosmetic oil from the pharmacy – buckthorn or apricot oil, etc.

What can come in handy?

A pillow for pregnant women may become the favorite object not only for the mother, but also for the whole family. These pillows have a variety of shapes and sizes, U-shaped, L-shaped, a small pillow for legs or as big as a human – you can clasp it with your hands and feet. The main purpose of this pillow is to help a pregnant woman sleep comfortably. After delivery, you can use this pillow while feeding the baby or just when you are relaxing, half-sitting or reclining, relieving the spine. Although, if you are not experiencing problems with sleep, or if your apartment does not have too much storage space, such a purchase may be pointless ballast.

Prenatal and postnatal bandage, compression stockings and tights – these things are excellent and efficient, but they must be bought and used on doctor’s advice during your pregnancy. Only the doctor can judge whether you need to wear a bandage or not and will help determine which type and size you need not to harm the mother or her unborn child.

Goods for the baby

Of course, every young mother tries to have everything ready by the time of the baby’s birth. And yet, we should warn you that the vast majority of children’s products are useless. Progress does not stand still, every day there is something new on the shelves, and if you follow the trends for 9 months of pregnancy, it is possible “to acquire” a great lot of things without which you can manage perfectly well.

It is not necessary to spend much money; it will still come in handy later. We live in the twenty-first century, when it is possible to one day buy anything in the children’s supermarket or shop online without even leaving home.

– When I was pregnant, I really wanted to buy different beautiful clothes for my little girl, and I did that. Among the things, there were objectively necessary ones and, for example, Adidas sneakers and even a dress by Burberry. It is needless to say that the newborn baby does not need shoes. My daughter “wore” a dress just once for a photo shoot, which, incidentally, was possible only when she was lying. The dress cost a lot. Besides, it was extremely uncomfortable to put it on such a small baby.

– I’m so sorry that no one told me what and how much to buy for a newborn baby! Because I bought so many things that my son has never worn a half of them. I had to just give them away.

– My husband and I even shed tears of joy when at an ultrasound examination the doctor said that we would have a girl. At the repeated ultrasound examination, the doctor confirmed the sex. Of course, we did not keep it a secret. As a result, we bought a bunch of pink and red things. Friends have also presented toys for girls. As it happens, the doctor made a mistake trying to define the sex. For the first six months, our son was wearing all pink clothes, and the passers-by were touched at seeing such a sweet girl.

Of course, it is no secret that demand generates supply. What does not fit one woman can be a real boon for another one. You decide! And we sincerely wish you only the necessary and useful purchases, pleasant pregnancy and light childbirth!