Pregnancy Fashion Tips For 2015

The idea of dressing an entirely different body shape is a daunting task for expecting mothers. Most are totally unprepared for maternity dressing. All those clothes in your closet that you had off-handedly thought would be great for your pregnant-self? Not so much. Buying a size or two bigger than what you usually wear won’t bail you out of your dressing dilemma, either (such clothes can accommodate your bump, but they’ll also make other body parts look bigger).


The case in point: your wardrobe doesn’t need to be angst-filled. A growing bump doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with new style trends and feel fashionable. What you need to work on is creating a simple but chic wardrobe with attire that flatters your growing body. Here are the latest pregnancy style tips for the year in progress:

A-line shirts

This last-year trend will continue in 2015: A-line dresses are perfect to wear as they flow away from the burgeoning belly. Not only they help smarten up your look, they’ll make ample room for a growing bump. You need not to buy multiple pieces as a single piece may fit you through the phase. Some A-line shirts will be useful even after birth when you’re still carrying baby weight.

A comfortable & stylish pair of tights


One of the most simplest and comfortable apparel to wear during maternity is a good pair of leggings. Fashionable compression tights not only make you look stylish, but also increase circulation and prevent swelling that comes from tired legs and feet. Such leggings are commonly made with stretchable material and their moisture-wicking features can make you feel great on dry days. Wearing them in dark colors may also give you a slimmer appearance.

Black knit pencil skirts

Black knit pencil skirts can make you feel stylish and better whenever you feel the absolute globbiest. You can wear one pulled over your bump with a shirt tied up over it. It can be a tee tied in a knot in the back with a blazer at the top, or a crop top. It will make you feel pretty and pulled together; black pencil skirts are trending to fix all. It’s also ideal to flaunt those healthy feet.

Stretchy and peg pants

We know how much you love your jeans. While they’ll fit you in the first few months, by month three or four, you may no longer be able to wear them with ease. Don’t fret; juts opt for a flattering pair of stretchy-waist or peg pants. Find a black pair – you’ll really live in them with sweaters- big tees, and button-downs-to everything. Peg pants can also be worn with shorter t-shirts without having to wear a camisole or belly band underneath.


You’ve adored those heels for long, but it may not be a good idea to continue wearing them during pregnancy. That’s because your feet will swell in the later months, and balancing your weight as you walk becomes difficult during the last few months. As a result, you need to stay away from heels and other uncomfortable footwear. Get some cute flats that are spacious and comfortable enough to let them accommodate your feet. Go with a pair that matches the rest of your wardrobe.
Embrace your body, take care of it and, above all, feel comfortable with these fashion tips. It’s important to enjoy your maternity time… You’ll miss it afterwards.