11 Genius Gadgets for Pregnant Women

Parenting takes a lot of time and effort. However, preparing to give birth to a baby is not an easy thing to do. A would-be mother’s comfort, health, and calmness can have a huge impact on the baby. Today, our readers will get acquainted with some extremely useful devices that can make the life of women preparing for childbirth significantly easier.

1. Pregnancy pillow

During the second or third trimester of pregnancy, a woman’s body begins to change rapidly, the tummy is growing more quickly, thereby causing more pressure on the spine, hips, and legs. These processes may significantly deteriorate sleep quality, though the need to sleep well is becoming more obvious. Pregnant women can enjoy comfort and convenience only with the help of a special U-shaped pregnancy pillow. The unusual shape of this pillow will support the rounded belly and knees, no matter on which side the expectant mother wants to sleep.

2. Ritmo Mp3-player

Scientists claim that a fetus can perceive the sounds of music and respond to them from about the 17th week of pregnancy. In addition, many experts believe that certain music can affect the baby’s future intellectual development. It is for the purpose of listening to music that the unique Ritmo bandage with a built-in Mp3-player, a headphone jack and speakers was created. The device is fitting close to the tummy, it has successfully passed a number of checks and tests and is absolutely safe for the mother’s and baby’s health.

3. Holo pregnancy airbed

A unique maternity airbed with a hole made for the tummy will be a real treasure for pregnant women, who dream of lying on their belly for some time. By the way, experts say that lying on the belly can ease the pain in the pelvis and relieve the load on the spine. This airbed can be taken on vacation or used to swim in a pool or sunbathe; it can also substitute for a real bed.

4. Bellabeat Shell pregnancy controller

A pregnant woman’s life is full of worries and fears related to the baby’s health, development and well-being. A unique pregnancy controller can make the expectant mother’s life a little calmer. It allows to listen to and record the tones of the unborn baby’s heart at any time, play nice soothing music or a lullaby recorded by the parents, as well as regulate the newborn’s sleep with the help of a soothing white noise. The device is made from high quality European wood and other non-toxic materials that do not harm the mother’s and baby’s health.

5. Giraffe Razor tool for shaving legs

Some simple routine actions become much more complicated during pregnancy. For example, a simple procedure of shaving legs becomes a difficult task for pregnant women with a big bulging belly. To facilitate this cosmetic procedure, women can use a special flexible extension handle fastened to a shaving razor. This tool allows to get rid of unwanted hairs while standing on your feet without bending.

6. DuoFertility device for pregnancy planning

Conception is a responsible and difficult process, which should be planned in advance. According to statistics, one in six couples in the world has a problem with pregnancy planning. A special Duofertility device consists of two parts: a small wireless sensor and a processing device. It can help you learn all the secrets of the reproductive system. The sensor, mounted under the arm, measures temperature every 4 seconds and sends this information to the reader, which analyzes the collected data, taking into account various factors: colds, physical activity, sleep, sexual intercourses, etc. The careful analysis done by Duofertility helps make a prediction about the probability of conception during the next 6 days.

7. Kick Track electronic test for monitoring fetal movements

From 28 weeks of pregnancy on, obstetricians recommend expectant mothers to count and write down the data on fetus’s movements. Calculations can be a real problem for today’s busy moms, but an electronic device called Kick Track can help solve it. The device is equipped with an LCD display and is able to capture and store the baby’s activity time. In addition, this device is very useful before delivery to calculate the contractions and the intervals between them.

8. MobiUS personal ultrasound machine

This is a compact device that allows you to carry out ultrasound tests and observe the development of the fetus by means of your own smartphone. The device operates in a very simple manner: the probe is connected to a mobile device and, when a special application runs, you can undergo an ultrasound examination. Furthermore, the device can record and transmit data to any other device via a wireless Wi-Fi network or a USB cable.

9. Bio bands wristband for toxicity

Many women are horrified each time they recollect the sensations associated with morning sickness. Previously, there were no special products to treat morning sickness, excessive emotionality, sensitivity to odors, and other manifestations of toxicity, but now a unique Bio bands bracelet has been invented to relieve women of these unpleasant sensations. You just have to wear this wristband, and it will ease the feelings of nausea and pain due to acupressure in the wrist area.

10. Bellabeat Leaf health tracker

This trendy smart accessory monitors the expectant mother’s physical activity, quality of sleep, respiratory rate and the level of stress, analyzes the collected data and transmits them to a special application on your smartphone. Furthermore, the device is capable of providing its owner with valuable recommendations to improve the quality of her life. The stylish accessory can be worn as a pendant around the neck or as a bracelet on the wrist.

11. PreVue fetal imaging device

This electronic device is equipped with a flexible display and attached to a pregnant woman’s belly with the help of a soft bandage. It monitors the baby inside the womb and helps the parents watch the baby grow, nap, move and react to different sounds before it is born.