3DPrinter for Kids Toybox

In our childhood, we shaped creatures and objects from plasticine, at best from clay. Our children have wider opportunities, for instance a children’s 3D printer Toybox. According to the drawings and sketches, it can print any toy that will never stain mother’s favorite dresses or dad’s business suit. Besides, you will not break the printed item if is accidentally falls. Toybox, being a kind of factory for the production of toys for children, uses conventional PLA plastic with 1.75 mm thread diameter. Its ecological compatibility is ensured by two parameters: it is biodegradable and non-toxic, which makes it possible to be sure of the harmlessness of the produce for the younger generation.

Toybox will be of interest to children from the age of five. However, do not leave the child without supervision while the 3D-printer is working, as there are no protective screens in its design, and therefore there is a risk of injury if the child touches the model that is being created.

Creation of various objects of 3D printing is carried out through an application for iOS and Android-devices, the catalog of which includes more than 500 models of toys, jewelry and other items and is constantly updated with new projects. The authors have also provided the possibility of loading 3D models from other sources and developing the owner’s own creative ideas.

The standard set of a Toybox 3D printer with one PLA-plastic reel can be pre-ordered for $249, with eight plastic reels – for $299. Perhaps, the acquaintance with this gadget will help develop the child’s creativity and the desire to work independently and without asking parents to buy another variation of the same doll or car.