First IVF Baby Turns 40

Almost 40 years ago, the world witnessed an event that literally shattered all the traditional ideas about the possibilities of the mankind. The efforts of English doctors brought to life the first baby, Louise Brown, born from a test tube. The reporters talked excitedly about the miracle of artificial fertilization, the researchers were jubilant, and Louise’s parents enjoyed the fact that they finally held a baby daughter in their arms – after 9 years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child!

Nowadays, more than three million people worldwide have been born using IVF technology. At the same time, the first successful experience was sensational back in 1978. Until now, the families that had to resort to IVF, have considered July 25 – Louise’s birthday – a holiday. Louise was born due to the effort of two enthusiast scientists, Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. Louise had maintained a very cordial relationship with Robert for many years (unfortunately, both researchers are no longer alive).

Despite the fact that the first pictures of Louise, taken by agile journalists just 18 hours after her birth, had gone viral and appeared in the biggest newspapers and magazines, Brown’s “glory” did not last long. Louise’s life has been developing quietly, and even though the girl used to be recognized by strangers in the streets, the people soon lost interest in her. However, the girl felt burdened with attention, so she was glad to remain inconspicuous. Sometimes she heard weird questions from strangers. For instance, Louise was asked what it felt like being in a test tube.

Louise was delighted by the fact that the doctors’ bold experiment over her birth had become successful. She feels personally involved in the fact that millions of other babies were born in the same way. All of them received the right to life.

Louise considers herself a happy woman: she has loving parents, her own family, and an interesting job. Louise works as a nanny in a kindergarten, devoting a lot of time to kids. Interestingly enough, the girl lives a complete life: she has known the joy of motherhood twice, and her pregnancy was natural. However, Louise Brown is not the only IVF baby in the family – her younger sister, Natalie, is also a test-tube girl.