Home Robot Kuri by Mayfield Robots

How much can a home robot cost? Mayfield Robots startup, created by Bosch, offers Kuri robot for $699. It isn’t that expensive, if you remember how much flagship smartphones, released in 2016, cost. The smart robot moves around the house on its own, overcoming obstacles on its way, plays music, but does not support streaming services yet, monitors the safety of the house, is able to manage smart devices via IFTTT, touches and recognizes the faces of family members. The robot is not equipped with a built-in display, but it understands voice commands and reacts to “Hey, Kuri”. However, it does not give verbal answers. It uses sound and light signals and expressive eyes to communicate with people.

To observe and recognize objects, the robot has a Full HD-camera. The software, available for the devices running on iOS and Android, will help configure Kuri to fit your needs. For example, the system can automatically send a text message to parents that the children have returned from school or left home.

Kuri decides by itself when it is necessary to recharge the battery and approaches the dock charging station.

The 60-cm robot, weighing 14 kg, is available for preorder. It is reported that Kuri will appear on sale later this year.