Intelligent E-Stroller System

Being a new development of German engineers, e-Stroller is a real device that parents will be able to test in the fourth quarter of 2019. The universal fashion for converting vehicles to electric traction has reached baby strollers. Bosch, a well-known manufacturer of automotive electronics, has developed a small electric drive complex, which includes a motor, a battery, sensors and an electronic unit that provides communication with the application.

The principle of operation of the electric drive does not completely exclude the participation of parents in walking with the baby. The engine facilitates the movement of the stroller when lifting or when moving it on the soft ground. Of significant importance are the brakes that operate automatically in case of a spontaneous movement of the stroller on an inclined surface. Special sensors constantly monitor several parameters that affect the ride comfort, such as acceleration, speed and type of road surface.

A special application on your smartphone will allow you to control the residual charge in the battery and signal an attempt to steal a stroller. At the same time, a speaker is installed on the stroller itself, producing a sound signal in case of an attempt to steal the stroller. In addition, the brake applies automatically.

The radius of a walk on a single battery charge can reach 15 km, depending on the road surface and terrain. It takes two hours to recharge the battery, and a USB connector mounted on the stroller will provide parents with an additional source of energy for the smartphones. When the battery is completely discharged, the stroller turns into a plain one.

The e-Stroller electric complex will be installed in baby strollers of the Swedish company Emmaljunga by the end of the year.