More Than Collecting: The Art, Joy, and Value of Collectibles

There are two sides to every argument. When it comes to collectibles, the breakdown goes something like this. Some people say that collectibles are questionable as investments since they may not increase in value. Others say that collectibles, regardless of monetary value, will always be special.

The latter argument is the one that matters most.

Adding collectibles to your life is about more than making an investment. It’s about adding a piece of art that can enhance your life. Let’s break down what makes collectibles so special, and what everyone can learn from collectors.

Collectibles Teach You to Remember

No matter what the subject matter, each figurine carries with it a bit of history in more than one way.

First, it carries the history of the time. Collectible figurines reflect the time in which they were created. Even if they aren’t part of what we would consider trendy, they still represent their time period. Each figure will forever tell a story about what was going on in the world at the time when it was released.

Second, it carries a part of your personal history. Whether received as a gift or bought to commemorate something special, each collectible figurine holds the memory of that specific moment. Looking at it will always remind you of a time in your life and that is priceless.

Collectibles Teach You About Art

Every figurine or other collectible includes a lot of detail. While these details might go unnoticed to those who are not well versed in collectibles, owners gradually learn about the intricacies that go into each item.

Looking at a figurine is like looking at any piece of art. While you can appreciate it as a novice, you can learn more about what helped create such a beautiful piece. These details will gradually give you a more discerning eye towards what you like and how each collectible compares to others.

Collectibles Create Conversations

Having unique pieces around the home can lead to interesting conversations when you have friends, family, or other guests visiting your home.

Many people have never collected figurines. They may be interested to hear more about the origins of your collection and the artists behind the pieces. These conversation pieces can help to break the ice while helping your guests learn more about who you are and what you enjoy in life.

Strategically place your collectibles around the home in areas where you can enjoy them and guests have a chance to appreciate them. This will enrich your home’s décor while providing conversation starters at any gathering.

Collectibles Are Fun!

This last point is the best part about collectibles: They are fun! Organizing your collection, browsing for new figurines, and sharing with others about your collection gives you something else to look forward to each day. New figurines and other collectibles periodically become available so it can be exciting to stay on top of the latest from your favourite artists and designers. Sites like Gift Giving All Wrapped Up provide a great selection from a range of artists. There’s nothing that can beat that kind of excitement.

If you think you have any friends that would enjoy this kind of hobby as well, try giving some figurine gifts during the holiday season. They enjoy your thoughtfulness and you never know who might end up becoming a big collector, too.