Robot for Kids Xiaomi Kuri

Kuri is a voice electronic assistant, designed for language and social interaction development in little children. The company preferred to keep the children’s assistant simple in appearance; besides, it already has a rabbit mascot, used as a prototype of the new item.

Kuri is equipped with a voice recognition function, and when you speak to it, the robot’s ears glow. Smart Assistant speaks to children, answering their questions and asking them, reads books from its extensive library (10,000 different books) and supports communication via WeChat app.

The body of 20-centimeter Kuri is made of wear-resistant materials that are safe for the child. Inside, there is an 1800 mAh battery, which is enough for 7 hours of using the product. Xiaomi Kuri will be sold at the price of $29 in China. It is still unknown if a model for the international market is going to appear.