Top Timeless Children’s Toys

It’s the time of year where thoughts turn to presents for children. Buying Christmas presents that kids will love isn’t always easy.

Are you looking for something that will appeal to all children and stand the test of time? Timeless classic toys are the perfect investment. They are ideal for sharing, passing down to younger siblings, and can even be carefully stored and kept for future generations of the family to enjoy.

Here are some of our favourite timeless children’s toys you can buy now and keep forever:

Peter Rabbit

The classic tale of Peter Rabbit was first published in 1902, and children have been in love with the cheeky bunny and his friends ever since. Peter Rabbit toys have been around for decades (find them at but they maintain a universal appeal that grownups love just as much as children. Buy a Peter Rabbit toy for your little bundle of joy now and, in what feels like just a blink of the eye, you will see your grandchildren laughing and enjoying the very same characters.

Ride on Toys

The novelty of driving is something that children of all ages enjoy: in fact, plenty of grownups find driving fun and exciting too! Help your little ones get around on their own by gifting them a ride on toy just perfect for their size.

There are hundreds of different versions on the market, but look for something sturdy and constructed of wood or metal if you want a ride on that has been built to last a lifetime. Classic car, vehicle and animal designs will never go out of fashion.


You can’t write a list of toys that last a lifetime without mentioning Lego. Strong, sturdy and timeless, Lego bricks are virtually indestructible and the only limit to what you can build with it is your imagination.

Each year Lego create new sets and they introduce new themes, but these always have a timeless appeal. From police men to pirates, if you buy Lego now then your grandchildren are sure to want to play with it in decades to come.

Wooden Cars and Trains

There is an abundance of plastic fantastic toys on the market, with battery operated bells and whistles designed to turn the heads of children. But all kids love the simple pleasure of pushing around a wooden train or car, particularly if you have an appropriate track for the vehicle to ride on.

The old-fashioned wooden train set is here to last, and will never lose its appeal for boys and girls of all ages.

A Bucket and Spade

No matter what your age, can anyone see a great expanse of sand in front of them and not wish they had a bucket and spade in their hand? Whilst you can buy buckets and spades in a wide variety of shapes, all you really need is a simple classic bucket and spade and a great expanse of sand to have a toy everyone will want to play with. Sandcastles for everyone!

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