What Makes Children Hurt Themselves?

A new study by American and British scientists has shown that the children who are often bullied by their peers or adults, are prone to cause physical harm to themselves. They are also at an increased risk of suicide.

Depressed Child

Such children often deliberately hurt themselves: cut hands, pull out hair, beat their head against the wall. They often have a suicidal mood – in this case, they may fulfil their plans quickly if adults do not pay attention to their problems in time.

The study showed that the adolescents who were bullied three times more that their peers had an 8% risk to hurt themselves. For those who rarely got into such situations this figure equalled 2%. Moreover, girls hurt themselves more often than boys do. The authors of the study emphasize a few factors that increase the risks: a similar case that took place within the family, abuse, behavioural and emotional problems.