Working Mothers Are Happier

Working mothers have better health and are less prone to depression, as evidenced by the new study conducted in the University of North Carolina.

Working mother is healthy

Since 1991, the researchers have been studying 1364 mothers from the moment of birth and to the period when their children became 10 years old. The scholars were interested to know the impact of the career on the mothers’ welfare (the experiment involved the mothers, who worked full time or part-time and who were housewives).

The verdict is as follows: the mothers, who work, have the best health and psychological balance. There is no much difference, whether the mother works full-time or part-time.

The mothers, who work part-time, also showed the best resistance to depression, and the mothers, staying at home, were more prone to depressive states.

The mothers, working part-time, pay more attention to the raising of their children, while the mothers, working full-time, and housewives have little or no opportunity to participate in their children’s education (the children of pre-school age are taken into account).

So, we are right, when we demand more lenient working conditions, but at the same time do not abandon the job altogether.