Dating Tips for Single Moms: How to Know He’s Not the One?

Being a single mom is not easy. It is necessary not only to be both mom and dad at the same time but also financially provide for yourself and your children. Even if they have a dad, children normally live with a mom – which means that the main burden of daily parental responsibilities falls on her.

But that’s not all. Single moms are lonely. Work, home, and children, of course, take away all their rest, but sometimes you really want to have a dear person close to you. As the years go by, she decides to start dating again. However, everything is much more complicated now than in her youth: she has children and cannot afford to waste time on a person who is not suitable for her or her children. Here is a list of the potential partner’s qualities that should make you wary.

Lack of patience

If a potential partner is impatient, irritable, impulsive, and flares up like a match, this is a huge reason to refuse to continue dating. Such a person can be a danger not only to the woman herself but also to children, who require a lot of patience.

Bad relationship with his own children

It’s normal for a single mom to date a single dad. They have something to talk about, they likely have common interests, and they suit each other better than a single mother and a childless man.

However, it is worth paying attention to how the father treats his children. If he rarely sees them and makes no effort to see them more often and take an active part in their lives, there is something to think about.

Bad relationship with an ex-wife

If a man has a conflict with his ex-wife, this can negatively affect a new relationship. Therefore, this situation is a reason for concern.

Negative attitude towards talking about children

Children are a huge part of a single mom’s life, so it’s no surprise that she talks about them a lot, even during a date. How does a new acquaintance behave at the same time, does he listen to her? Does he sit with a bored look, demonstrating that he is not interested? Does he try to change the subject of your conversation? In a word, such a reaction is a reason to doubt the perspectives of this acquaintance.

He talks only about himself

Any mother knows how self-centered children can be. They always want to be in the center of their mother’s increased attention, and if they don’t get it, they whine and cry. In general, a single mother has people that are emotionally dependent on her and require constant approval – she definitely does not need another one.

He insists on seeing the children

Before introducing a potential partner to children, you need to get to know this person better and go on at least a few dates with him. If a new acquaintance demands that the mother should introduce him to her children as soon as possible and does not accept refusals, such a person should be broken up with immediately.

His compliments are weird

A single mother wants a new acquaintance to see her as a person, a woman, after all. If she hears something like “You are very attractive for a mother” or “You look better than I expected because you have children,” it is better not to start a relationship with the author of such dubious compliments.