5 Ways of Becoming Closer with Your Partner

Relationship is something both parts should work on. And from time to time it’s not an easy thing. Here are some useful tips on how to grow closer to your spouse.


1. Find Time for a Date Once a Week

Even if you’ve lived together for 10 years already, there’s still space for romance. Having a date night once a week will make you closer. Just make sure you find new dating ideas every week. Here’s a short list of some of them: feeding the ducks, going on a horse ride, cooking together for the two of you, taking dancing lessons, or a simple movie night. The main thing – get out by yourself, without the kids.

2. Share How You Feel

Another great idea is to regularly tell your partner how you feel about them. Tell him you love him or text some love note or even a dirty one. This will freshen up your relationship, which has already turned to routine. Remember why and how you fell in love with each other. Think about what keeps you together (apart from the kids and the marriage itself) and share it.

3. Share Hobbies

If you don’t appreciate some of his hobbies, like watching football, find those you both will enjoy. If he’s a passionate photographer, take some time and play a photo model for him. And in case he’s a good guitar player, choose a song you both like and sing while he’s playing. It will keep you nearer. And if you’re an online games fan, involve him in them, too. Play games together, such as online bingo of landmarkbingo, – you both will love this time spent together!

4. Feel Sexy and Have Sex

Yes, you’re not that into it right now. You’re tired, you’ve done the cores and putting kids down to bed took time and costed you a lot of nerves. And after pregnancies and sleepless nights you don’t feel that attractive anymore. Put negative thoughts aside, buy some sexy lingerie and even let him choose it for you. He will find you hotter wearing what he’s selected for you. And you will get in the mood much faster. Intimacy makes closer!

5. Be Able to Sacrifice and Take a Day-off

From time to time, try to forget your own needs and think about your husband’s ones. Bake his favorite cookies for him, wash his car for him or, better, let him spend a day just as he prefers to. Let him ride a bike all day long, if he wants and take care of the kids while he’s away. Avoid calling him and asking when he’s coming and where he is. Just let him feel his freedom. Yes, this would mean you would sacrifice your own free day for this. But you will love how glad and thankful he will be. And next time you’ll be the one, who has a day-off.