7 Tips on How to Boost Libido

If years of marriage started affecting your sexual desire, do not rush to give up on love life. Perhaps, these tips will help to return the former spice to your sex.


1. Change contraceptives

Hormonal changes greatly affect the libido. Oral contraceptives reduce the production of testosterone, and the desire weakens. Even if you do not take contraceptives, check your hormonal status.

2. Pay attention to other medications

Some medications reduce libido. Beside the already mentioned contraceptives, these are medication for high blood pressure, heartburn, anxiety, and depression. But remember – the abolition or replacement of any medication is possible only after the consultation with your doctor!

3. Share the chores

If the wife does all the housework alone, she will simply have no strength and wish to have sex. The intimate side of married life often suffers because of household chores.

4. Make your home suitable for sex

If your cat or dog sleeps on your marital bed, if your kids get into bed with you, all these lovely family traditions, alas, eventually destroy the interest in sex.

5. Use a lubricant

If sex hurts you, there is no way to boost the libido. Any pharmacy will offer you a huge range of lubricants – choose the one you prefer.

6. Get rid of stress

Stress reduces sexual desire stronger then household chores and mutual exhaustion. You need to find a way to relieve stress. There are many of them – from yoga and meditation to reading pleasant books before bedtime.

7. Eat healthy

Healthy diet helps to boost libido. The higher the blood cholesterol, the greater difficulty a woman has in reaching orgasm, science proves. Cholesterol interferes with normal blood supply of the pelvis area, reducing the sensitivity of female genitals and causing erection problems in men.