Best Sex Positions after Childbirth

For many couples, one of the most common problems after pregnancy and childbirth is sex. Men do not know how to approach their wife, and women suffer from inconvenience and discomfort. European scientists have decided to give advice to couples about how to have sex after childbirth for their sexual life to return to normal one as soon as possible.

The experts conducted an experiment and identified the best suitable sex positions after childbirth. So, if a woman gave birth to a baby by herself, the most suitable sex position is the missionary position and the female superior position.

If the baby was born by Caesarean section, it is best to choose the missionary position or side-by-side positions.

We should not forget about making a pause in intimate relations after the childbirth. Abstinence should last for a minimum of 6 weeks. If the postpartum bleeding does not stop by this time, one needs to consult a gynecologist and a sexologist.