Why Your Husband Doesn’t Want Pregnancy Sex

There are many men who experience problems when engaging in pregnancy sex. It’s hardly ever determined by the man’s race, religion or any other statistics. It’s simply a matter of whether he can do it or not. Many pregnant women complain that their partners are either not interested to have pregnancy sex, or can’t do it. These women reason that they are not attractive enough to arouse their man, especially in the later stages. However, there are lots of men who would claim that their pregnant partner is in fact a heavenly beauty. So what is the deal? What are actual problems that some men face with pregnancy sex, specifically late stage pregnancy?


Someone Else’s Presence

Some men feel uncomfortable knowing that his child is in the room, which is understandable.

The Baby Might Get Hurt

A surprisingly huge number of men believe that they might be knocking the baby on the head. It’s impossible. Explain it to him.

Girl Problem

Many men who know that their pregnant wife is carrying a girl feel very uneasy being intimate with their daughter so near.

Afraid of Hurting You

Communication is of the utmost importance at this stage. You should clarify what is acceptable and what’s not. For example, tell him not to apply pressure on your stomach or that a cushion should be around just in case. It’s your job to convince him that you won’t get hurt if he uses the right position and the right amount of pressure.


You have to accept it; it’s very difficult to find the right position and angle while having sex with a pregnant wife, but you can try to work out something.

Scared that His Semen Might Bring on Premature Birth

This is true to some extent. Semen does contain something called prostaglandins which trigger the coming of the baby. But this works only near the due date, so you should comfort him that pregnancy sex won’t be a trouble maker.

He’s Overlooking the Fact that Intimacy Is not All about Sex

There are many, many ways to have fun without engaging in intercourse. Maybe you should remind him passionately.

He Isn’t Aware that Pregnant Women Experience the Most Intense Orgasms

With some tender persuasion that females experience earth shattering orgasms in late stage pregnancy due to the increased blood flow to the related regions, he might become very interested in finding it out.

Half of all men actually have problems engaging in sex with a pregnant woman, especially women in the late stages of pregnancy. So if you find that your man is not able to perform, blame one of the above reasons and don’t worry about the fact that your man doesn’t find you beautiful.

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/omar_franc.