Sex after Cesarean Section

Couple KissingFor many women sexual relationships after pregnancy are more of a psychological than physiological issue. After delivery – whether it was vaginal or cesarean birth – doctors encourage women to abstain from sex during follow-up six weeks. Your body needs this break to recover as pregnancy and giving birth impose the greatest stress.

However, many women feel sex after pregnancy as more of a psychological than physiological problem. And it is particularly hard on those who had a c-section.

‘I Can’t Have Sex Because of the Ugly Post C-Section Scar’

Here is what a woman with such problem says in her letter:

Two months ago, I had a c-section and now I have this ugly scar across my belly. I can’t even imagine myself putting clothes off with my husband looking. Sex is out of question! How can I fight this thought my body looks repulsive?

Both young mothers and those who haven’t yet had a baby have some kind of physical imperfections like cellulites, sensitive skin, thin hair… So what? If it’d been essential to have a perfect body to have sex, mankind would have perished long ago.

Don’t Hide Your Body because of the Post Cesarean Scar

Your doctor must have told you that cesarean scars would grow pale and flatten eventually. Until that happens, think what made you sexy in your husband’s eyes before. While you see nothing but your fresh scar, your husband surely enjoys other things in you. Remember him saying how he loves your hair, your legs, your skin smell, the line of your back. Whatever he admires in you, it didn’t go away because of the scar. So why hide from your husband what he admires in your body.

Try to Love Your New Body Step by Step

Adapting to your new body is like learning to swim or entering a room full of strangers and striking a conversation with somebody. It comes down to practicing it. If you repeatedly do something that seems odd at first, it will soon become natural, especially if you don’t rush things.

In your situation, it means choosing lingerie which would accentuate your advantages. For example, try a short negligee that opens up your legs or a sexy bodice to raise your bust line and cover your torso (this kind of lingerie makes men so excited). Gradually cut down on “disguise outfit” and find opportunities to make naked appearances in front of your husband outside your bedroom. If you – charming and naked – ran across your husband on your way out of shower, do you think he’d focus on that infamous scar? So, step by step you will learn it over again to lose yourself in lovemaking and will forget about your small imperfection which, by the way, gave you someone who is very important to you.

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