Sex during Pregnancy

Everybody knows where babies come from – every new life starts with sexual intercourse. But why should intimate relationship between spouses be a problem during pregnancy? Of course, pregnancy is the time of drastic physical and emotional changes that undoubtedly influence the sex life. And it has to be considered. As in regular life, a woman experiences an increase and decrease in sexual desire within nine months. With pregnancy though, the upsurge in sexual activity is indeed difficult to predict. However, there are basic physiological norms and reasons that influence sexual activity and they shouldn’t be neglected.

Sex Drive of Pregnant Women

The fact that woman becomes indifferent to sex at the first stage of pregnancy is quite natural as female body is experiencing a real hormone boom. Smells and sounds are perceived sharper than before, and the scents that excited earlier can now cause negative emotions. Increased emotionality and physiological changes influence the behavior of woman. Many women feel sick at earlier stages because of toxicosis. They feel dizzy and sick and suffer from painful sensations in breast. Rather than passionate sex, women need care and fellow feeling from their partner at the earlier stage of pregnancy.

When Pregnant Women Want Sex Again

Toward the midpregnancy (second trimester), stronger desire for sex arouses in the half of women. By that time, the blood flow to sexual organs is increased. Besides, belly is not that big to hinder love-making. It is also the time when spouses don’t have to worry about contraception, which helps them feel more librated. So, if pregnancy is going well and your doctor can’t see any contradictions, “pregnant” sex can be the brightest period of your sex life. It might be the best sex you ever had in your life.

Sex during Last Pregnancy Months

During lasts months of pregnancy women become less active. They feel drawing pain in the loins and have a big belly. It is the time the couple can seek for new forms of sexual satisfaction.

Take a Break

2-3 weeks before estimated birthdate, it would be reasonable to abstain from sex because sexual intercourse at later stages can cause birth contractions. When woman gets excited, oxytocin (the hormone stimulating the womb contractions) is released into the blood; prostaglandin (the hormone in male seminal fluid) has the same effect.

Remember: Pregnancy is not an illness. If the woman is healthy and carrying a baby, she goes to work, hangs out with her friends and, of course, makes love.

Can Sex Harm the Baby?

Many couples are hesitating during this period. On the one hand, they want to make love, but on the other hand, they are afraid of harming their baby. You can’t hurt your baby that way because the baby is protected inside the firm bubble and in your womb. Amniotic fluid cushions more or less hard kicks very well. Mucous plug in the womb protects your baby from harmful bacteria. That’s why you have no reason to abstain from sex if your pregnancy is going well.