4 Signs He Will Never Commit (Even Though You’re Pregnant Now)

One of the scariest possible positions for a woman to be in is to be pregnant… and to not know whether the father of your baby is going to be around in your life.


This takes the stress and anxiety of wondering whether a guy will commit or not and ramps it up by a thousand – since you’re not wondering about just any guy, you’re wondering about the baby’s father. You might even be wondering if anything will make him commit.

And when you’re pregnant – and everything in your life is changing so fast – you need to have as much information as possible.

You need to know whether he’s going to be there for you, whether he’s going to be a father, and whether he’s going to make a family together with you – and you need to know as soon as possible.

So here are the best signs to use to know about his intentions. These are the signs he’s never going to commit to you – so you can know what his true plans are.

1. He Won’t Introduce You To His Family

Taken alone, this isn’t an ironclad sign he’s not going to commit. For instance, he might be estranged from his family, or one of many other reasons.
But if he seems like he has a normal relationship with his family, and he still won’t introduce you – that’s a huge sign he’s not going to be around in the long term.

If he really wants to start a family with you, he’s going to welcome you into his – just like you’d welcome him into yours. If that’s not happening, it’s a huge sign he’s not going to commit.

2. He Doesn’t Include You In Big Decisions He Makes

Obviously, you’re pregnant with his child – which is a huge decision. But if he’s really planning on starting a family and sharing his life with you, he’s going to include you in the other big decisions he makes.

That means he’s not going to make any huge, life changing purchases without at least mentioning it to you first. It means he’s not going to just move to a different apartment or house without talking to you about it.

And it means he’s not going to quit his job or switch jobs without talking to you about it first.

When you’re a family, everyone supports each other, and everyone makes big decisions together. If he’s leaving you out of big decisions in his life, it’s not a good sign for your future together.

3. He Doesn’t Make Time For You

You two have a child together now. You share an extraordinary responsibility together.

If he’s not making time to be with you and share in the responsibility of parenting – it means he’s not really serious about being with you, and that he’s not serious about committing to you.

A guy who was serious about making a commitment would understand and accept that he is responsible for his child together with the mother – and that the two of you would work together to shoulder that responsibility.

But if he’s avoiding you, or not making time to see you and help you with the pregnancy – it’s a huge sign that he doesn’t want to commit.

4. He Never Opens Up To You

Families are there for each other, through good times and bad. They trust each other, and can open up to each other about the things that are bothering them.

Guys want to commit to a woman when they feel they can share who they really are. When they feel like they can confess anything to her – and she will meet it with acceptance and guidance – not judgement.

In a truly compatible relationship, both partners always strive not to judge each other – to accept each other for who they really are – and allow each other to be their true selves.

If he’s not opening up to you, it might be because he’s afraid of being judged, or because he’s just too scared to truly open up. However – him feeling like he can open up to you about anything is one of the most important parts of commitment.

Try to make it clear to him that he can talk to you about anything, without judgment. If he feels that, he’s much more likely to want to commit.

Written by By Nick Bastion / Vixen Daily

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