Three Major Myths Debunked about Sex and Pregnancy

Having a baby is a wonderful experience that is filled with joy, curiosity and fear. You want to make sure everything is perfect, from the baby crib to the first set of clothing that you will be bringing them home in. As your day is filled with getting ready it seems like time for closeness with your partner gets shorter. You still want to have special time together, but to add to everything else there is uncertainty.


One of the biggest fears that a pregnant couple has, beyond the health of the mother and unborn child, is whether or not they can safely continue to have intercourse. There are many myths and misconceptions about what will occur during this special and important time in both you and your baby’s life and although it is understandable why you might have reason to be nervous, there is honestly little truth to the wide variety of ideas out there.

One of the most common myths still circulating is that it will literally hurt the baby is some way. The truth is there is little that you can do, within reason, that will harm the baby in this way. In fact your baby is actually very well protected and it is important to note that the cervix during this time is tightly closed shut so there is also no way that there will be any kind of contact during intercourse.

The second most common myth is that it will hurt that mother. This too is not true, within reason. You obviously do not want to be in a position that will be uncomfortable for the mother, and you don’t want her to have her partner laying across her stomach, putting unnecessary pressure. However, this does not mean that you are restricted from everything. There are still plenty of other options for positions and activity. This may be time for you to do something different than what you normally do.

There are some who have indicated that this will cause premature labor, and this is actually not true either. There are some things that will cause contractions, such as when the breasts are stimulated through the release of oxytocin, but there are many other times that you will experience this through out the day and may not even notice it.

For the most part there are only a few unique situations where a doctor may recommend abstaining from sex, however this is rare. For the most part you have just as much to fear from going out and picking out baby cribs.

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