Tips For Great Pregnancy Sex

It’s a question a lot of people wonder about, but never fully understand until they experience it themselves: can you have great sex while you or your partner is pregnant? And how exactly will you go about it?


First and foremost, forget about the idea that pregnant women don’t want sex, or are not interested in physical intimacy. Of course, each woman has her own feelings on the matter, but generally speaking, pregnant women maintain their sex drives, and in many cases even see those sex drives increase! Self-consciousness over body image can be an issue for some, and both this and the physical changes themselves can make sex somewhat awkward or difficult for a couple. But the desire for sex doesn’t typically decrease.

That just leaves you with the tricky, but fun, little problem of how to go about sex during pregnancy. Again, for some couples this can be awkward. But my advice is to embrace the challenge (which it is, on some level or other) and enjoy the incentive to try new things! You may be shocked at how sex during pregnancy can actually lead you and your partner to a better understanding of how to please one another, or to new bedroom activities altogether.

As for the specifics, here are a few tips that might help you to get over the hump (no pun intended) and have some great pregnant sex!

Change Positions As You Progress

Some people assume that there’s some sort of “correct” position for sex during pregnancy, when the reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pregnancy sex should actually inspire you to try a lot of different positions in order to see what works best for a changing body. But it’s also true that there are certain positions that work better than others depending on how far into a pregnancy you might be. If that idea piques your interest, check out this handy guide to positions by trimester. It’s not absolute truth, but there are some great suggestions therein!

Find New Ways To Set The Mood

Just because you and your partner don’t lose the desire for sex doesn’t mean it won’t be awkward. A lot of women can be somewhat insecure about starting things up in the bedroom while pregnant; and a lot of men, while perfectly into the sex, feel the need to be careful, or more “gentlemanly,” than usual. This combination can result in careful, un-fun sex, and when you throw in the idea of mapping out new positions, a lot of the spontaneous fun goes out the window. For this reason, it’s worth trying a few new things to spark a mood now and then. A few interesting places to start can be watching adult content together or engaging in mutual masturbation. According to a survey of women’s sex habits, 33% of women who watch adult movies prefer to do so with their partners anyway, so why not use the pregnancy as a reason to try it out? Losing yourselves in an erotic prelude to your own sex can be a great way to let go of some of the awkwardness and get in the mood.

Experiment With Non-Vaginal Sex

To be clear, this is not to suggest that there’s anything wrong with vaginal sex during pregnancy. As mentioned, most pregnant women maintain their sex drive, and that means ordinary sex can still feel great, if not even better than usual. But if due to insecurities or even physical awkwardness you and your partner would rather pleasure one another in different ways, now’s the time to go for it! Manual, oral, and anal sex can all open doors for you during a pregnancy, and sometimes even specific teasing or touching methods can get you both going in a way that takes advantage of changes brought on by pregnancy (such as ultra-sensitive breasts).

Now, go forth and enjoy your pregnancy sex!

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